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Ntiva is focused on quality. By leveraging Ntiva for website hosting, you will have a one-stop shop for all of your website needs. Whether you need something as simple as an address change to reflect an office move or as complex as building a new e-commerce site, one call is all you will have to make. With Ntiva, you will feel as if you have hired your own dedicated website team.


The best hosting provider with a proven track record.

All HostNed web hosting plans are hosted on the fastest and most reliable web servers available. These are full-on premium accounts at wholesale pricing. No ads, no throttle limiting, no hidden fees, no kidding. See the difference for yourself. Need help moving? We offer Free Migration Support!

Website Biz Pro

We build website with custom designed templates. We include social media icons for easy forwarding of pages on your site to your visitors social media. We build eCommerce with full infrastructure for your eCommerce needs. Our email accounts are free with the websites that we built. Your emails will route through your email account, that is set up with your site, to your Outlook or Gmail account.

Chili Pepper Web was founded by technical support personnel who understand how important service is to the small business customer. Our goal is not just to provide good service, but to educate our customers about the products and services they are receiving so that they can get the most out of them and avoid being taken advantage of. The information we provide is based on the needs we have perceived from years of supporting hosting and domain customers. We never stop learning and neither should you!

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