cPanel/WHM-based Hosts

Contact Information & Email Notifications in cPanel

cPanel can send notifications to users concerning exceeding disk, bandwidth or email quotas.  These notifications are sent by the hosting control panel, and are separate from any settings you may have in your host's billing system.  

You can turn on and off notifications, and set which email address receives notifications in cPanel.

cPanel Getting Started Wizard

cPanel has a Getting Started Wizard who steps you through the cPanel features. It is quite comprehensive and walks you through almost everything, including advanced features you may or may not be interested in using or need. When you first log into cPanel, a pop up dialog will appear asking you if you want to go through the Getting Started Wizard.

cPanel Getting Started Wizard

cPanel Preferences

cPanel Preference Screenshot

Preferences in Paper Lantern ThemeInside cPanel you can access your Preferences, where you can change your password, change the cPanel theme, change the language, and more.

In the x3 theme (and themes based on the x3 theme), these Preferences are located in there own section called Preferences.


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