At Whophost our goal is to provide professional hosting services at a price that anyone can afford. We are so confident that you will like what we have to offer we allow you to sign up for a fee account and test our shared hosting services.

We offer four main types of hosting: Free Hosting, Shared Hosting, Semi-dedicated Hosting and VPS hosting. Our Free Hosting service is similar to our Shared Hosting service but you will be placed on a server with more users and you do not get as many features as our Shared Hosting service. Our shared hosting services have improved performance, more space and bandwidth and more features than our free hosting service.

Our Semi-Dedicated hosting plans offer more performance and customization that our shared hosting plans. We also offer VPS Hosting which is the next step up from Semi-Dedicated hosting. VPS hosting allows more CPU utilization as well as many other features that are not available with our semi-dedicated hosting plans.

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn some extra cash we can help you there too. If you have your own website or any means of driving potential customers to our site then we can help you earn some extra cash. Our affiliate program offers you 50% of the sale price for every customer you refer. That means you could earn over $400 for one referral if they sign up for our top VPS hosting package. Also note that the cookies we use are lifetime cookies. If a user signs up for our free service and upgrades later you will still get your commission. Same thing if a customer leaves our site then returns and they were referred by you then you will still get a commission.

Please talk to one of our sales reps to see what we can do for you. If you don’t like our service or can think of a way that we can improve our service please contact us or our sales representatives and we will try to accommodate your request. If you choose not to host your site with us we wish you the best of luck and hope you will think of us for your future hosting needs.

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