Recommendations for Web Host Participation

In order for us to live up to our mission as being the best hosting support guide on the planet, and to better serve our visitors, we try to work with web hosting companies and domain registrars as much as we can.

If you are a web host and would like to work with us, here are some things you can do to get started.

Acting as a Liaison

To help us keep the documentation as up-to-date as possible, it is appreciated if you act as a liaison and be available to answer questions we may have, as well as be proactive and tell us if something is inaccurate or could be presented in a better manner.

Create a Presence on the Site

The get the most out of your participation, we recommend the following.

Creating Multiple Users

One of the most powerful things you can do is create a presence on the site by creating user accounts for your staff to use, and then participating on the forums and by responding to comments on the site.  

It is recommended that you create multiple accounts, one for each employee you empower to represent you on the website.  These accounts should either be "official" or "industry leader" accounts, which indicate that they can officially speak for your company.   (Employees that are not allowed to speak officially for your company should instead create personal accounts.)

The reason for this is simple.  If you give multiple people access to one account, you have no way of tracking who said what.  This way it is clear which employee said what, and it makes your presence on the site look bigger, since you have more people responding.  Just be sure to require them to use a company email address.  That way if, for some reason, they leave the company, you still have control of the user account, since you control the email address the user account is associated with.

Fill out the Profile and Signature on your User Accounts

Every one of your posts and comments can have a signature attached that mentions your hosting company.  If you consistently give good advice without being spammy, you will build your reputation as being a great web host, which will attract customers.  Also, be sure to update your avatar as well.

It is recommended that you use a link you can track sales with in your signature and on your profile.  This way you can see how much your participation on the forums is worth. (Keep in mind it takes time for this strategy to pay off.)

Company Badge

If you are really active on the forums, you can ask an Administrator to create a special badge that appears next to all your posts and comments, similar to how the Administrator badge appears next to my posts.  The badge should be rectangular, and preferably be about 123 x 26 px, or something similar.  All you need to do is create the badge and message the Administrator with a location where to download it.  

Please note that this badge has to be manually added by an Administrator, so only active forum members and commentors will get badges, and there may be a delay in it being added.

Web Hosting Account Access

If you would like us to mention you more in documentation throughout the website, providing us a free web hosting account to play with will help us document and evaluate your hosting account.  We typically do not mention a specific brand unless we can verify the directions work on that brand.  Without a hosting account to test things on, there is no way we can verify things.

While we can't guarantee that you will get more brand mentions on the website, having a hosting account handy for us to test things on will make us more likely to mention you.  

Paid or Sponsored Content

We are open to paid and sponsored content as long as it is consistent with our mission of providing the best hosting guide on the planet, and the content is primarily for the benefit of the users.

We do have a couple rules about sponsored content.  

  1. If the content is mostly about your company, product or services (i.e. is not a general purpose article), then we require that it be mentioned that the article is sponsored by you.  This can be done by an advertisement at the bottom the article with a heading "Content Sponsored By" or something similar.
  2. Google prohibits paid links, so we do not provide paid links.  So any links in your content should be for the benefit of the user, and nor for SEO purposes.  We will use ref=nofollow for links to your company within any sponsored content.
  3. You have to agree and understand that we promote other companies and platforms, and that we do not accept an agreements that require exclusivity or require us to not talk about another brand.

Make us Part of Your Affiliate Program

If you have an affiliate program, talk to us about joining it.  As the site grows, we will dedicated advertising space to promoting web hosts we have affiliate accounts with.  

 Please post your affiliate program in the Affiliate Programs to Join forum, and we will consider it.

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Example Avatar, Signature & Badge

This is an example of a comment with a signature and a badge.  A badge for your company about the same size as the Administrator badge shown here can be added to active accounts by an Administrator.  This also shows how your avatar will appear on comments as well.  As you can see, your participation on the site will be visible and recognized every time you post.

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