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If you own or represent a web hosting company or domain registrar, you can add your company to our list for free.

Simply create a free account, or log in, and then fill out the form.

Be sure to include as much information as possible so your company looks great.

Featured Categories

We are currently featuring the following categories:

Tag your company with the above services to appear in the appropriate lists.

To appear in the Specialized Hosting list, you would need to offer:

Specialized, in this sense, means hosting designed for a specific use case only, and is not a standard hosting offering. For example, a WordPress only host would be specialized, but a host that supports WordPress and thousands of other scripts would not be specialized.

Other Categories

If we forgot a category, you can add your own. If we have enough similar companies, we may feature additional categories.

Rules & Guidelines

A couple of rules to keep in mind:

  • Duplicate listings will be deleted.
  • If your company has an affiliate program, we will probably sign up for it and replace your link with the affiliate link.
  • If an official representative of the company requests control of the listing, we will transfer the listing to their username.
  • We reserve the right to edit your listing to make it look better, correct errors, to properly categorize it, etc.


We currently use an algorithm that attempts to vary the order of list over time.

Currently all listings are treated equally, and each listing's location on the list may vary from moment to moment. Eventually we may add a featured listing option, and factor in additional indicators.

Paid Placement

We currently do not have any paid placement options, but may add them later.

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