Account Types & Disclosure Rules

To keep everything transparent as possible, and to avoid any claims of misleading advertising or a conflict-of-interest, it is recommended that you select the correct account type and fully disclose your relationship with any company you are talking about on the website.

In some jurisdictions, it may be illegal to fail to disclose your relationship with a company, especially when posting anything that could be interpreted as promotional in nature, or when you are writing reviews of a company (both good or bad reviews).

To make it easier for you, we have added fields to your user profile, and to the create/edit forum posts form that allow you to disclose your relationship with companies.

Your User Profile

In your profile, you can use the About User field and Extended About User field to describe your relationship with a company, and have also added fields where you can mention what roles you play in your career.  

Mentioning your company and an affiliations you may have may be useful 

Account Type

You can also specify whether your account is used for personal or official purposes.

  1. Personal
    • Your opinions are your own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of any company you are affiliated with.
  2. Official
    • This account only posts official responses that are meant to represent your company or organization.
  3. Industry Leader
    • You post both personal and official communications, but as a leader in your company or industry, you are expected to post things that are positive towards your company, organization or industry.
    • Industry Leaders would typically be the owner, CEO or officers of a company, who are expected to represent the company both on an off the clock, in both personal and official communications.

We decided to add the Industry Leader option since some people are required to be public figures representing their company or industry, and Personal and Official did not seem to apply to these people.

New Forum Topics

When you create a new forum topic, there is a section where you can disclose your relationship to any companies mentioned in the post.  Your options include:

  1. This post contains affiliate links.
  2. The author of this post works for or is affiliated with a company mentioned in this post.
    • (e.g. an employee, contractor, affiliate, independent representative, owner, major shareholder, has a business relationship with the company, etc.).
  3. The author of this post works for a competitor of a company mentioned in this post.
  4. The opinions in this post are mine, and not necessarily the opinions of the companies I work at or with.

Be sure to check any of the items that are appropriate to that particular post.


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