How to Password Protect a Directory in cPanel

Sometimes it is userful to hide files within a directory (folder) and only give access to those files to people who have the proper password.

For example, you may want to only allow authorized people to view or download certain files. Or you may have setup a development version of a website that is not ready for the public, so you password protect it so only the developers can see it.

cPanel has implemented a simply way to password protect directories, that works independently from any scripts or software you might have installed. 

How do computers remember where they store things?

The exact methods depend on what specifically you are talking about and how deep you want to go. For example, storing files on a hard drive is different than storing something in memory or storing something in a database. Although the concepts are similar. And how you do it at a programming level is a different explanation than how a computer does it at the I/O level.


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