How to Change the Disk Quota for an Email Account in cPanel

Email Accounts IconIt is recommended that you set a quota (or size limit) for email accounts.  This encourages users to manage their email wisely, and also prevents a spam filled email address from taking up all your space.

You can change the size limit (or quota) of an email account in cPanel.  Some web hosts allow you to set the email quota to unlimited, if you desire.

How to Forward Your Email to Another Address in cPanel

Email Forwarders IconIf you want to create a new email address, but want to consolidate your emails into another account, you can create a mail forwarder which will forward your email from one email address to another email address.  

People often do this if they want to continue checking their email in their Gmail account, or Hotmail account.

The people who send you email will not know that you forwarded your email unless you tell them or you reply back with a different email address.


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