What are PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby on Rails?

Websites can be built using a variety of programming languages. Some of the most popular include PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails. All of these languages are supported by WebHosting.Coop.

If you are selecting a script to use for your website (or programming your own), it is important that you select a language that is supported by your web host. Which programming language you choose depends largely on your personal preferences. The topic of which language is “best” is hotly debated.

What is an IP address? Do I need a Dedicated IP?

An IP address is an Internet Protocol Address. Simply put, the address or range of numbers separated by periods identity the computer or server on the network or world wide web (similar to how a phone number identifies your particular phone).

You may or may not need a dedicated IP depending on your end goal. SSL (HTTPS) enabled websites need dedicated IPs to enable the secure encryption security ability.

What is a MySQL database?

Databases are used to store information, especially information that is frequently updated. It is much more efficient than storing information in a static HTML or text document. Most modern websites use databases in one way or another. Popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are all database driven. So are shopping carts and forum. This website is even database driven.

When installing a script or web application, a database often needs to be setup. Depending on the script, you may have to create or setup the database during the installation process.

Should I pay for private domain registration?

We recommend staying transparent and sticking by the motto that you have nothing to hide if you're doing the right thing and/or doing good in general. But if for any reason you want to protect your privacy, private domain registration is always an option.

Domain Privacy for Businesses

For businesses, it is suggested that you leave your contact information public, as it instills trusts in your business.

Can people find out where I live based on my domain registration information?

When you register a domain name, you are required to give valid contact information so that you can be contacted in case there is an issue with your domain or website (renewal reminders, policy changes, legal notices, etc.).

This is similar to how a business must provide valid contact information when it registers a corporation or wishes to operate under an assumed name (also known as a DBA).

What are domain names?

Domain names serve as humanly memorable names for Internet participants, like computers, networks, and services. Your website for an example needs a domain name because it is hosted on a web server that has an IP address which identifies it with/from the rest of the internet. Without this technology people would be stuck typing in IP addresses to access their favorite websites. In a nutshell a domain name is the human helper for connecting us with IP addresses by having to type the actual name instead of a series of complicated numbers.

What is diskspace / bandwidth?

Diskspace is the amount of space for files, databases and other content that your web hosting account or server provides. This is very similar with the disk space found on your computer, iPhone or any other digital device with storage capabilities.

What are web servers? Why are they necessary?

Web servers are specialized computers that are designed specifically for making websites available to your website visitors.

Powerful Hardware

While hardware for web servers can vary drastically, web servers that are designed for internet use typically are more powerful than your average desktop computer, and are optimized for handing a lot of incoming requests for web pages, and storing the related content (files, databases, etc.).


What are parked, addon domains and subdomains?

In your control panel, in addition to the primary domain you specified when you signed up for hosting, you can also setup addon domains, parked domains and subdomains. This article will go over each type and give examples of each.

Primary Domain Name

This is the domain name that you specified when you signed up for web hosting. This is typically the first website you set up on your account, and is the website the resides in the main public_html folder.

What is web hosting?

In order for your website to be available to your visitors over the internet, your website needs to be "hosted" on a web server.

Web hosting is a service which includes physical servers (computers) and server software for storing your files, content and data, designed for and making it available via the internet. These web servers are equipped with specialized server software such as web hosting control panels which allow you to manage your website.



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