Can I get a hosting account with a reloadable prepaid card?

If the prepaid card is on one of the networks the web hosting company accepts (such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club or American Express), then it should work at most web hosts.

You may have to register your mailing address and name with the reloadable card issuer for it the work at some web hosts, though.

This is because most hosts will check to see if the address you gave the web hosting company matches the address the card issuer has an file by doing an AVS (address verification service) check. Many will reject the order if the addresses don't match.

This Month's Focus: Forums and Content Marketing

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We are going to take a short break on creating new content, and spend the next month or so concentrating on two things: the forums and a new content marketing platform that will be partially integrated into the Complete Hosting Guide.

This new platform will suggest related content as well as allow content creators to promote their own content. We will be using this website to test out the new content marketing platform before we even open it up to the public. Expect almost daily changes to the recommended content engine as we work on it.

Change Log Newsletter #11

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Volume II, Issue 11

Welcome to the eleventh edition of the Complete Hosting Guide Change Log Newsletter!

We took a small break for the holidays, but we are now getting ready for an exciting new year.

In our 11th edition of the newsletter we cover plans for a new server, a new forum area and more.


In Support Docs, Constant Improvement is Vital

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Keeping support documentation updated can become a full time job, especially in the technology and internet arena, where change is constant. There are always new things coming out, and many changes here and there that effect support documentation.

It is not enough to write a piece of documentation once and forget about it. It is necessary to tweak and modify that documentation over time.

One of the techniques we use here at the Complete Hosting Guide is constant improvement.

Marketing Copywriting

Marketing copywriting is not about advertising to a target group, it is not even the same as writing fictional and non fictional stories. It is about using the power of words to draw in new customers. We ourselves are drawn toward a product because of its images or the words that are used in the commercials. Marketing copywriting is all about that. 

Copywriting for Landing Pages

You must have been to a web page where you see highlighted words, when you click these words they take you to another web page. This web page that you are redirected to is called the landing page.  A landing page can be put to many uses depending on the intention of the web designer. Advertising copywriting uses the landing page to promote their products.  

Copywriting: Importance of Headlines

You do not get a second chance to make a first impression; same is the case with your sales headline. If you are unable to attract your potential customers in one go, chances are high that they will never ever go on to read the second sentence. Instead the customers who could be yours will move on to may be your own competitor. So it is important that you never overlook the importance of headline. Once you yourself have made a good headline, you can see for yourself how much it is worth. You will be amazed at the incremental sales that this will be able to get. 


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