Drupal 8 Site Building

Video courtesy of OSTraining.

Welcome to our complete, free beginner class on building sites with Drupal 8.

In this 10 video class, you'll learn the entire process of building a site in Drupal 8 from creating content and views to managing layouts, themes and contact forms.

Included Videos

The first video is embedded above. The next videos in this series include:

Video 2: Introduction & Initial Setup
Content Types
Video 3: Creating Content Part 1 (Content Types)
Creating Content
Video 4: Creating Content Part 2
Dummy Content
Video 5: Dummy Content
Organizing Content with Views
Video 6: Organizing Content with Views
More Specific Views
Video 7: More Specific Views
Video 8: Adding Blocks
Customizing Your Homepage
Video 9: Customizing Your Homepage
Contact Forms
Video 10: Contact Forms

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