Configuring & Managing Email in cPanel

You can set up email accounts, email forwarders, auto-responders and more in cPanel.

Setting Up Your Email

The first thing you need to do is setup your email addresses.  You have two choices here: email accounts and email forwarders.  

Email Accounts

  • Email AccountsEmail accounts accept incoming emails and store them on the server until you retrieve or delete them.  You can access your email via desktop clients like Microsoft Outlook, via mobile phones like iPhone & Android, and/or access your email online using a webmail client.

Email Forwarders

  • Email ForwardersAlternatively, if you have an existing email address elsewhere you wish to use, you can have your incoming email forwarded to that existing email address.  Nothing is stored locally on the server, but instead forwarded to where ever you check your email now.

For more information on setting up and managing your email addresses, please visit our article on:

Accessing Your Email

Once you setup your email accounts, you can access your email in a variety of ways.

Mail Client

  • Desktop Clients like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird
  • Mobile Phones like iPhone, Android and Windows Phone


  • Webmail Clients like Squirrel Mail, Horde, and RoundCube.

Mailing Lists & Auto-Responders

cPanel also comes equiped with the ability to create mailing lists and auto-responders.  If your web host has it enabled, you can do the following:

Note: Before creating auto-responders and mailing lists, it is always good to check with your web host's Terms of Service, which may place limits on the number and frequency of emails sent and received.

Managing Incoming Email

As you use your email address more and more, you will find the need to manage your incoming email by filtering our spam, and directing specific types of email into designated folders.  cPanel comes with both spam protection and email filters.

For more information about managing your incoming email, please visit the following section:

Email Troubleshooting

If your email is not being delivered, cPanel has a built in tool to help your check if your email is configured correctly.

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