How to use Apache SpamAssassin in cPanel

SpamAssassin will analyze your incoming email, and give it a score indicating how spammy the email might be. It looks at a variety of factors and tries to estimate the likelihood that an email is spam or not. Many email clients then use this score to determine how to display the email to you. For example, emails with a high spam score may go directly into the spam folder or be deleted.


How to Use BoxTrapper in cPanel

Is your incoming email from a real person or a spammer?

You can use BoxTrapper to verify that email that you are receiving is from a real live person. This is useful for email accounts where you do not subscribe to many newsletters, and expect email to only come from friends and family and other trusted senders.


Understanding Email

Everybody knows what email is, right? In the modern business world, email has become one of our most important methods of communication, and indeed often a web hosting client considers the operation of his email more important than the website itself. Unfortunately however, most people have only a very superficial idea of how email really works, so when trouble does arise, they have no idea how to troubleshoot the problem and it takes longer to solve. Just by knowing the basics of how email works, you can give a more accurate problem description to tech support personnel and even solve some problems yourself! You might even find some new and useful features of your email that you didn't know about before.


Email Guide

One of the first things that you typically setup and one of the most used features of your web hosting account is email.  


You have many choices for setting up your email.  In this guide, we will be covering some of your options, which include:

Creating & Managing Email Addresses in cPanel

cPanel provides several tools for creating, managing and deleting email addresses.

Your Choices

Before creating a new email address, you will want to decide if you want an email account or an email forwarder.  You can actually have both setup for the same email address, in which case mail will be deposited into the local email account and a copy forwarded to another email address elsewhere.  

Continue reading for more information about each type.


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