Which payment processor is good for eCommerce site?

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Which payment processor is good for eCommerce websites? I think paypal is necessary and also visa/master will be good if I can add..

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PayPal is a must. It would

PayPal is a must. It would also be appropriate with an alternative that also allows VISA and MasterCard. You need to do it through a truster processor though, or people might think it's a scam.

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I definitely agree. PayPal is

I definitely agree. PayPal is a must. Not only because it allows quick and fuss free transactions, but also, because it protects your money and does not give others information about your bank account numbers and such.

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PayPal is a must. Basically

PayPal is a must. Basically everyone uses PayPal online and it's a must to have it as a payment option. Also, make sure you allow people to pay using card as well so VISA and other options may be necessary.

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Small Companies vs. Large Companies

You can usually tell the difference between a big company and a small company by the payment types they accept. Did you even notice that small sellers usually only accept PayPal, while larger sellers accept credit cards and may or may not accept PayPal.

The reason for this is because PayPal is great for small sellers. It is easy to get started, and there is no monthly fee. But since there is no monthly fee, they charge a slightly higher discount rate (percentage of your transaction).

On the other hand, once you have sufficient volume of sales, it makes sense to get your own merchant account where you can negotiate a better discount rate (percentage). The only downside is that merchant accounts almost always have a monthly fee. But if you have the volume, you save money since the percentage they take is lower.

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In addition to the standars of today (Paypal and credit card processor) I always integrate Bitcoin payment when it's available, BitPay usually. In my country, invoice is bigger than credit cards, so that is a must for me. People like to shop with money they don't necessarily have.

The More Options, The Better

You definitely have to have PayPal on your site because so many people use it and it's widely recognized. That is really all you need to get started if you are new to e-commerce. Now, once you are making money, then you will have to seriously start thinking about a merchant account and accepting credit cards. There are still a lot of people that don't want to sign up for services like PayPal, and you don't want to miss sales because you don't have other options. Merchant accounts will also give you options to accept digital checks which will even benefit you more.