Which is more important for a personal blog: quality or quantity?

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Is quality of quantity more important for a person blog?

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Quality trumps quantity over time...

You need both, but quality trumps quantity over time.

You may get a mild SEO boost from posting more frequently, but if your quality declines or is simply bad, then your bounce rate will be high, and visitors won't come back. And Google will notice, and eventually you will get almost no traffic from Google and no one will want to come back to your website.

Ideally you want to post quality posts consistently. And it doesn't have to be every day. It could be every week, every two weeks, even every month. But consistent quality traffic will keep people coming back for more.

Unless your website is a reference website that is evergreen, you need new content to bring people back. And even with a reference website, new content is important.

So, basically, figure out a schedule that works for you to create quality content. And by quality, I mean something that your target audience would want to consume.

Be consistent, and add ways for people to follow you (social media, mailing list, etc.), and you will build a following not dependent on search engines.

Good luck!

Scott M. Stolz
Complete Hosting Guide, Editor-in-Chief
WisTex, Director & CEO