When you search for content, do forums & Q&A websites turn you off?

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When you search for content on a search engine, what is your impression when you arrive at a forum or Question/Answer website rather than an article or blog post?

Do you view forums and Q&A websites to be as valuable as an article or blog post?

It Doesn't Turn Me Off

I wouldn't say they turn me off. It really depends on what I'm looking for and how much detail I really need. I have actually gotten some good information from forums and Q and A websites. I wouldn't say their information is more valuable than a blog post or a detailed article. Usually bloggers and article writers do pretty extensive research on their subjects so they usually have more targeted information.

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Forums are great

Forums never turn me off, I love the different viewpoints and experiences of different people, all for free to be viewed by anyone. Even if some of it isn't always true.