What's the difference between Cloud and VPS?

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What's the difference between Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Servers?

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A Simplified Differentiation

Here is a very simplified differentiation between them:

  • Dedicated Server = You have 100% of the server to yourself. The better server, the more resources.
  • VPS = A virtual server, typically on a dedicated server. There are almost always multiple VPS on one dedicated server. You get a fraction of the physical hardware's resources.
  • Cloud = A virtualized server able to run on multiple servers, if necessary. Basically it is a VPS that can outgrow a single physical machine.
  • Hybrid = You have a dedicated server, but if you exceed your resources on your dedicated server, you start using cloud resources.

It's actually a bit more technical than that, you that should give you an idea.

Scott M. Stolz
Complete Hosting Guide, Editor-in-Chief
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