What kind of content sells the best?

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When selling premium content, what kinds of content sells the best? Videos, courses, e-books, coaching, consulting, etc.? Are there any niches that are particularly good?

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It really depends on your

It really depends on your niche. I think currently fitness, weight-loss and food niches are the best to try to break into. Also, if you content is really really good, you are sure to make profits and achieve success.

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I agree that fitness and

I agree that fitness and weight loss are the best ones out there right now. I mean who doesn't want to learn more about how to lose weight. Especially if you're showing them some easy trick to lose weight. People will eat that up.

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Recipes are also a great

Recipes are also a great niche you could break into. Recipe blogs are one of the most visited and highest rated these days. A food blog would be an awesome idea to do.

Videos Sell The Best

The best content that sells is whatever is on the hot list at the time. I think videos sell the best. There are certain evergreen niches that will always do good like health, fitness, making money, relationships, how to, and learn to. The trick is to break it down into a smaller content category, so it becomes more specialized. For example dating is a hot topic. Everyone has all kinds of advice and tips on finding the right person. If you break it down to something more specialized, for example, women over 40 who are recently divorced with kids trying to find the perfect mate. Now you have a particular audience for this information and the competition just got a lot smaller. Always do keyword research as well to find out what kind of audience you have for your specialized content idea.

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Fitness, health, weight loss

Fitness, health, weight loss and making money are the most popular ones. If you are trying to do SEO for those niches they are also the hardest and I would go for less competition rather then the highest demand, unless you are sitting on lots of money to spend on the SEO.

Recipe Niche

Chris brought up a great point about the recipe niche. I have really been paying attention to this part of the market for about the last year. Now I am finally going to dive into it. I will have a niche website coming out with a cooking blog and also a series of cookbooks I will be releasing on Amazon. The market is competitive, but if you have a hook, something specialized, you can really make bank.