What Content Management System do you prefer?

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Do you like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or some other content management system (CMS)?

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WordPress is my favorite, and

WordPress is my favorite, and has been so for a long time. Even if you don't want to use the blog feature, WordPress works greatly as a stand-alone CMS. There's loads of themes and plugins, so the possibilities are endless!

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WordPress or Drupal

For me it depends on the website. For most websites, I prefer WordPress, since it is easy to setup, use and maintain. For more complicated websites where I need more customization, or the layout or sidebar of the page changes depending on the page, then Drupal is much easier to work with.

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WordPress is really good for

WordPress is really good for newbies, in my opinion. They have a ton of options for website customization, nice widgets that are really useful and they also promote your site in-house to other WordPress users.

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WordPress all the way for me.

WordPress all the way for me. Literally has everything. There are thousands upon thousands of plugins for it and thousands of themes for every niche of website.

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Without a doubt wordpress, it is extremely over powered. You know you Op when you got, drag and drop plugins created just for a CMS

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Mostly WordPress

I mostly just use WordPress. The others are good, but I just want something I can setup that is simple. That is what WorpPress gives me. Plus there are so many plugins and themes, I can make any site look different from another.