What is the best way to market a hosting business?

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What is the best way to market a hosting business?

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Networking Groups

If you are a small reseller just getting started and you also build websites, local networking groups usually work well.

Tejan Ausland
Author & Ghost Writer

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That's what helps most

That's what helps most business expand, and the more happy customers you get the more new customers you will gain by word of mouth and reviews.
Web hosting is highly competitive niche and sure, it makes sense to offer discounts, but it won't do good to any web host provider to decrease it prices to absurdity. We are trying to get visibility through forums. Contacting businesses directly is also a good idea, maybe the best of all.


If I were you I would also consider using LinkedIn. You should start communicating with other businesses on there and tell them what you're all about. I think LinkedIn is an overlooked social network that can really benefit people.