What are your favorite social media plugins for WordPress?

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What are your favorite social media plugins for WordPress, including social sharing and social login plugins?


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I love all of the features that come with JetPack, especially the related posts and social sharing buttons.

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JetPack Issues

JetPack is indeed very feature-rich, but the biggest problem I have with it is that updates for that plugin frequently break the website, inducing the "white screen of death." I've had to disable JetPack or downgrade to an older version on numerous websites over the last several years in order to get the website to come back up because the JetPack update caused some incompatibility with the Wordpress theme. I tend to avoid it now for that reason.

Stacy Clifford
Head Pepper at ChiliPepperWeb.net

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I've Been Pretty Lucky with Jetpack

I've been pretty lucky with JetPack. So far it hasn't broken any of my websites after an update. 

I did have one time where I encountered a white screen for no apparent reason. Now you have me thinking if that was the cause of it or if it was something else.

Scott M. Stolz
Complete Hosting Guide, Editor-in-Chief
WisTex, Director & CEO

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I've been using Jetpack for

I've been using Jetpack for years and never had an issue with it. I remember a friend of mine telling me about the issues he faced but luckily, I'm yet to face any.

Social Media Feather

I have tried a countless number over the years and the only one I have really liked is Social Media Feather. I've been using it for the past couple of years and it is lightweight, fairly basic, and free. It hasn't affected my site in the least.