What are some ways of jump starting a forum community?

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What are some of the best ways to jump start a forum community?

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How to Jump Start a Forum

Basically you need to start with a core set of people who post interesting topics regularly, ideally every day. Without people already talking, you will never get new people talking.

You also need to find ways to attract members to your forum. This may include posting on other forums and having a link back to your website, or may even include paid advertising.

But without existing members posting daily, the membership will not grow. People typically don't join and post on dead forums. They want to see activity. And the best thing you can do is give them adtivity, and make new members feel welcome.

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The best way is to build up

The best way is to build up the community before launching it. This can be done by getting beta testers. People love beta testing because they feel kind of special doing it, and beta testers has no problem with empty and inactive forums. By the end of the beta testing, the testers have hopefully made a small community of their own. Also, they should feel a sense of belonging at your board, since they've helped getting it up, and are more likely to invite others to join upon launch.