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So i have paid for multiple web hosting packages from, websites all over the internet. And most of them, i really never had a problem with. Until i hit I would definitely not recommend the hosting packages to anyone. It is severally over rated, and over advertised. One of my biggest issues, was getting Mod_rewrite to work on godaddy. I tried and i tried to figure out, why Mod_Rewrite was not working on godaddys webhost. I tried multiple ways to active it, via .htaccess but it yielded nothing. I was going to submit a ticket, and find out a official answer. But they have no support box!

Some links i found while on my quest to, get Mod_rewrite to work on Godaddy webservers.
(keep in mind, most of godaddy's help tutorials are outdated....)

So my question is, why isn't Mod_rewrite function working with Godaddy?


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So i ended up figuring out...

Godaddy has some security features, that does not enable Mod_rewrite depending on package you have purchased....Which is lame.... - Submit your forum, to get a free 24 hour Advertisement slot Automatically!

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Yeah it would make for a great

Yes this would make for a great source, of traffic especially since the only way i found out after countless trys to figure out my issue. Was through customer support call. - Submit your forum, to get a free 24 hour Advertisement slot Automatically!