Paying for content?

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I'm planning on creating a blog and wondering whether paying for content is a good idea or not. Has anyone done it? If so, has it worked?

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Quality Content is Worth It

Paying for content can be worth it as long as it is useful, unique and quality. If you have someone creating content on a regular basis, you will rank higher than if you don't. Google seems to like websites that are constantly updated. And its one of the SEO techniques that Google does not frown upon, since it wants to promote quality content in its rankings.

And more importantly, with quality content, you will gain followers who don't care about your Google rank and who will come to you directly.

If you are getting articles that are copies from somewhere else, or are poor quality, then it won't help you much and might even hurt you.

Scott M. Stolz
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Thanks for the reply! I'm

Thanks for the reply! I'm going to be hiring a few writers to create content on my site as I do want to rank higher on search engines. Do you recommend anywhere to hire writers?

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I agree with above post.

I own several websites. I go by a quote that says: Look real, be real. The more content you have to provide your domain. The more trustworthy and dependability it has. - Submit your forum, to get a free 24 hour Advertisement slot Automatically!

I Suggest Creating Over Purchasing

Paying for content can be a crap shoot at best. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I would suggest creating your own over purchasing it. The most important thing to remember is that Google looks at quality over quantity. It is better to put out a few great, quality posts each week of 500 to 1000 words or more than to post everyday with mediocre 100 word posts.