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Do you outsource when marketing and selling Premium content? Do you pay someone else to create your content, while you manage only the marketing and sales sides?

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Outsourcing might be a bit

Outsourcing might be a bit risky, because you don`t have control over the quality of the work, and might even loose money in the process. But I think, it can definitely speed up certain projects.

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I would only consider

I would only consider outsourcing if I knew the person I am hiring well or had a really good recommendation.

Tejan Ausland
Author & Ghost Writer

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It's a good way to speed up

It's a good way to speed up things when needed, but I definitely like to have most of my own content. By doing that I can ensure that I don't compromise quality for efficiency!

I Don't But You Could

I don't outsource any of my work. I do this full time so I make the time for product creation, marketing, content delivery, and everything else in between. If you are only doing it part time, then I don't see why you shouldn't outsource some things. You just have to make sure that the people you use can deliver what you want and how you want it.