Is it fair to charge for services not rendered?

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I was talking to several people, and they both had a bad experience with companies where the company insisted on charging for services never rendered.

I even wrote an article about it here: Is it ethical to charge for services not rendered?

In the examples in the article I wrote, the customers both had extenuating circumstances, and never even completed the setup of their account. Should they have gotten a refund or a credit?

What about other situations? Is it okay to take someone's money for services never used or delivered?


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Depends on the Situation

I think it really depends on the situation.  In the cases you mentioned in your article, I agree the companies handled it poorly, but I also understand that resources were allocated regardless of whether the customer used their services.

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In This Case, Yes

There is really not enough information to make a totally fair assessment. But from what I read the company was well within their right to do what they did. What a customer will or won't do or promise really doesn't matter. They could have easily gotten a refund and went on their way. In most states you have a certain amount of time to get out of any contract you have signed. It is usually only three to seven days or so, but plenty of time if you don't think you will be using the service. If you sign up for something like this you are paying for access, and that is what the company provided, they held up their end of the deal.