Is it easier to write blog posts or answer questions?

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What do you find easier, writing blog posts where you initiate the conversation, or answering people's questions in forums or question/answer websites?

They Are Both Easy

I write professionally full time, so they both come easy to me. If you are writing about something you are really passionate about it just flows out of you. Even if someone is asking me questions about something I am involved in, it flows very naturally.

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Depends on How In-depth the Piece Is

It depends on how in depth of an article you are writing. If it is a simple blog post or narrowly defined article, then it probably is just as easy. But if you are writing an in-depth piece, answering questions is easier, as least for me.

The reason is that when someone asks a question, they are usually very specific about their situation and their needs, so you only have to deal with that. 

A simple article or blog post also can be focused and narrow, of course, but when you write an in-depth article, you usually have to consider multiple scenarios and multiple possible outcomes, and incorporate those into the article. So that requires doing more thinking about the structure and what to include.

Scott M. Stolz
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