Is it better to have one theme or allow users to pick?

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Is it better to have one theme or allow users to pick which theme they want?

So, for example, for people not logged in, they would see the default theme, but when someone logs in, they have the option to pick a different theme if they want.

Would this be a good idea or a wasted feature?

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Depends on Your Resources

One of the biggest drawbacks to having two themes is that you have to maintain two themes. This is okay, as long as you are not making major changes to the site. But if you are still making changes, it can sometimes double your work.

For example, we recently added CSS that automatically puts social media icons in front of links to social media profiles. And the article about that uses custom CSS from our theme to display it. So, if we want the article to look right in both themes, we have to update the CSS in both themes. (Although a handy workaround might be to place the CSS in the article itself, if it's just a demo using only on that page.)

You can also run into the issue that the administrators only use one theme and stop using the other. That means that none of the admins will realize if the old theme gets messed up, because they never visit it.

This is why most websites only have one theme, and phase out the old theme when they introduce a new one. It is less to maintain.

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