Inexpensive Traffic

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What is an inexpensive or free way I can get traffic to my website?

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Social Media

If you have friends on social media, you can usually get some people to check out your website. Hopefully they will like it and share it.

Tejan Ausland
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I agree that if you have a

I agree that if you have a friend, they might be able to share some of your stuff. I would try that especially if you have a friend who has a large following online.

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Unlike the other person above me....

I well give you a detailed idea of inexpensive Traffic methods....
It depends on what type of traffic you are looking for....
If your just looking for clicks and bots.
Look more into You basically click other people's, website to gain points. Which you can then use to redeem your own website views.
If you'r looking for actual people. Then i would recommend a method, i learned from a premium ebook i purchased.
It recommended, that you join groups on facebook that revolve around your niche with a decent audience. And just advertise your website the hell out of it on the page. Also make sure to befriend page admins, and offer them some sort of small gift. They may just sponser you for FREE!

Anyways good luck. - Submit your forum, to get a free 24 hour Advertisement slot Automatically!

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Ways to get traffic

Hi there,
You need to use the following strategies:

other blogs comments
seo in your blog posts
RSS feeds

They will bring you about 200 uniques a day...then just build on that.

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Social media is the main one.

Social media is the main one. Just create a few social media accounts for your site on Facebook, Twitter and any others you know, then post some content and/or information about your website. This will help you get a lot of traffic.