How much should I charge for premium content?

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What are good price points for premium content? I see prices all over the place. What works the best and generates the most sales?

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When first starting out, you

When first starting out, you should under-sale your content, just to build up a decent client base and good ratings. Once you are well established, you can go higher. Just check out what your competition asks for their content and orient yourself from there.

If you are talking about

If you are talking about writing, it is usual to charge by the word.

$0.05 per word for example is a usual price from my experience, providing no real research is required.

So a 500 word article would be $15 - and I would aim to write that within an hour so you are not working for peanuts.

Something Unique Raises The Price

It really depends on what you have. The best way to find out is to do a Google search or look at sites that sell premium content and see what similar subject matters are selling for. I usually price it somewhere in between. If you have something really unique that doesn't come up in a search and you feel people will want it, then price it high. You can always offer discounts when they click off to bring the price down.