How hard?

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How hard do you think it is to start an online business nowadays? In years past, it was way easier, in my opinion, since the competition was not that stiff. What do you think about starting out online these days?

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I have to agree with you. I

I have to agree with you. I think that it's hard to start a business today. I mean there are so many other people like you said that you'll have to go up against. You really have to be able to show the clients something special to make money.

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In some ways it is easier,

In some ways it is easier, and in other ways it is harder.

  • You need less technical knowledge than you used to need.
  • You need more marketing expertise than you used to need.

I wouldn't say its necessarily harder, but it certainly is different.

Scott M. Stolz
Complete Hosting Guide, Editor-in-Chief
WisTex, Director & CEO

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I agree, I think if you

I agree, I think if you really excel in what you do, you are bound to have success. Thing is, excelling at something is hard in itself. Also, I think you definitely have to have good marketing expertise nowadays.

Starting Is Easy, Making Money Is Tricky

Starting an online business is easy. You just buy a domain, find a host, build your site and boom, you have an online business. Making money off of it is where it gets tricky. You have to be smart, creative, and willing to lose a lot of sleep in the first six months that you are running it. As far as competition, it's all about finding a better angle and presenting it in a better way to prospective customers.