How to go from zero to a full time income online?

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If you had to go from nearly no online income to generating a full time salary only via online sources, how would you do it? And how long would it take?

To make it more interesting, let's say that you fear you will lose your job due to layoffs, and you want your online income to replace your job's income, so you don't have to get another job.

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I think that I would sell

I think that I would sell things online. I mean I have a site right now, but I think that being able to sell things that I could make would make more money.

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I'm not sure this is even a

I'm not sure this is even a question you can completely answer. But I'd say you should try to find something you're good at, or a product that promises to sell well, and capitalize on that.
Sell good content (products, services) and people will end up buying, invest in some marketing and you shall be fine for the beginning.

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online income

Online income is now favorite by all.Not only online business through website but you can also get money by online job.There has no investment but you have to knowledge about work.


The first thing I would say to someone is get another job lined up first before you decide to try the online game. There is really no way to make a lot of money overnight or even within the first couple of months. It usually takes about six months to really start making a good passive income from online ventures such as blogs or niche sites. If they had no other choice, then I would steer them in the direction of one of the freelance sites. At least if they are freelancing they have a better shot at steady income from the start.