Host's email servers or Gmail or Google Apps?

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Should I use my web host's email or should I use Google Apps or Gmail instead?

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Your Personal Preference

It really is your personal preference.  I personally like how Gmail and Google Apps handles email and spam, but some people like desktop clients like Outlook or Thunderbird.  If that is the case, then using your web host for email may be easier.

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Use web host mail through Gmail

You can use your web host's email through Gmail if you want to. The most popular option for businesses is to check their domain email through a mail client like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, but Gmail can be used in a similar manner. Here are some useful links for setting up POP3 email in Gmail:

If your web host email box has limited disk space, it's a good idea to make sure that "Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server" is NOT checked in order to avoid having your web host mailbox fill up and start rejecting messages.

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