Freelance Technical Writer Rates?

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What is a good rate to charge for a freelance technical writer?

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In my experience, a proper technical writer, writing in English with skill, have an hourly rate of $40-$60. Via agency they are either more expensive or the quality is not as prestine. Some writers make as much as $100-$150/h, it's all relative to their skill and reputation. Clients get nervous by hourlies, they want to know project cost so every writer should estimate projects correctly when quoting a fee. If you are just starting out and don't take too much time with it, offer at a lower fee as $20-$25/h still is really good.

Rates For 2016

I've seen all sorts of different rates on the net depending on the company. As of this year 2016, the average rate is $36 an hour. It can range from $15 to $65 an hour depending on your skills. Overtime rates are usually about $24 higher.