Forums V Facebook?

Do you think Facebook groups have killed off many forums?

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Interface Issues

I think it has killed off a lot of low quality forums and forums with low amounts of traffic. When having discussions, having people around who respond is important.

I have seen a lot of other community websites spring up that are basically just variations of forums, and many of them seem to be taking off.

Parhaps part of it is the format rather than the discussions themselves. People are mobile these days, and unless the forum has a responsive design or a mobile view, they will lose traffic.

I also get the impression that people like the streaming interface that Facebook, Google+ and Twitter have. They get to see what's new right away with less clicks. In a traditional forum layout, you have to click more to see the same content.

If some of the forums and forum software out there updated it so that people could view posts both ways, 1) in the traditional forum format and 2.) in a live stream, I think it would help forums a lot.

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Exactly, forums have a hard time appealing to mobile users, who are quickly becoming the biggest demographic (might even surpass desktop(!) this year). Mobile users are visual and lazy, forums are funcion based for discussions.