Fiverr For Selling Service

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Fiver is one of the most popular platform for buying and selling things at five dollars only. How you think for selling digital services on fiverr?

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That is true

Yes fiverr isn't really adaptable to prices, but it well known as of a "Get it done" type of website. - Submit your forum, to get a free 24 hour Advertisement slot Automatically!

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Fiverr is a really good

Fiverr is a really good platform. And I love the fact that they pay you instantly, without having to wait to get your withdrawn money approved. Once you confirm that you want to withdraw your money, it get`s transferred to your PayPal in seconds.

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Since you can buy gigs on the

Since you can buy gigs on the site using your balance, I think they are hoping that if they hold the money for 2 weeks, you will spend at least part of it on something before then.

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It's actually a prevention against fraud. Since they allow paypal transactions they have been targeted by fraudsters trying to empty out stolen paypal accounts/credit cards, the holding period gives time for chargebacks. Fiverr might even have been forced to implement it when Paypal noticed the high fraud activity.

Not The Only One, But The Most Well Known

I think for people just starting out, it is a great way for them to build up a clientele. It is also a great way to get people introduced to your work and let them know of additional services on your website. They're not the only game in town, but they are one of the most well known, it's free to try so you have nothing to lose.

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I am completely agree with danielledavidson.But everything is okay there and get job there very fast according to my opinion.

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Great start

From personal experience I can say that Fiverr is a great way to start earning money online/freelancing. The basic gig pay may be low, but it is easy to get hired and what really makes it worth it are the gig extras. It also opens up the market to a lot of fun, small services that people wouldn't have bothered with on other freelancing sites.