Favorite Video Games

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What are your favorite video games?

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Although people probably won

Although people probably won't agree, my favourite video games are FIFA and Call Of Duty. Been a fan of both games since the start and although they've both come under criticism over the last few years, I still play them quite a bit.

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Age of empire

Age of empires was life back in the day. I still play Age of empires 3, every once in a while. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to try a strategy game.

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Age of Empires My Fave Too

Age of Empires has always been one of my favorite games. 

I always had a unique strategy that I used if there was no time limit. I would keep building walls and defenses, and then fortify that, and then build another wall farther out. Then I would go out with priests to convert buildings. I would have so many layers of defense, my home city would never get attacked. I would also have a couple mobile tactical squads of troops to take care of any hot spots. Eventually I would wind up annexing the entire map.

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Fallout and GTA

I like the Fallout series and GTA V Online. Used to be Mario Kart in my Nintendo days.