Easiest to Sell

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What services are easiest to sell online, currently and in your opinion? Is it written content? SEO services? Traffic, even? What do you think is a sure way to make sales online?

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I think that traffic is the

I think that traffic is the easiest thing to sell online. I mean who wouldn't pay someone to promote their site for them? I don't think anyone would turn that down if it was a good price.

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That is very true. I have

That is very true. I have seen people having huge success in selling traffic. But I don`t really understand why? The traffic people buy is not organic and that traffic will be a one time shot only. It might be good for boosting a new website, but apart from that, I can`t see much use for paid traffic.

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Quality Counts

Paid traffic can convert, but it really depends on where the traffic is coming from and how it is generated.

For example, paying Google to appear on their website and in Google AdSense blocks can be effective for products and services. Getting listed in a variety of "related links" services like Outbrain can also provide relevant traffic for content. 

On the other hand, traffic exchanges usually don't work for most websites (except perhaps for splash pages in the traffic exchange's niche). Pop-under traffic gets ignored and annoys people, and most likely comes from sources that are less than reputable (like porn websites). Other promises of visitors are probably bots or come from auto-surf traffic exchanges that hide the referrer. 

So there are reputable ways to purchase traffic that converts, but there sure are a lot of offers to provide cheap low quality traffic that won't do much other than increase your hit counter or web stats.

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SEO And Content

I would have to disagree with most of the responses. Traffic is not the easiest thing to sell. If you can get targeted traffic, then yes people will buy targeted traffic that is interested in their specific niche. SEO services are really easy to sell because most people don't fully understand SEO that much, and they do not want to keep trying to figure out what Google is going to do next. They would rather have someone else worry for them. I would also say that content is really easy to produce if you have a flair for writing. Content is king and people always need original quality content for their blog or website.

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I would say SEO, although it is easy to write articles if you are a decent writer, you often have to compete with cheap writers from developing countries and as it is fairly easy to get into you have a lot of competition, atleast on freelance sites. SEO services, if you know what you are doing, can be great!