Can we change the format of the forum post?

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I don't really like that the first post in a forum post is not the same as the others. It looks more like a blog post, but when the forum post is too short, it just looks weird. Can we fix that?

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That is actually something

That is actually something that has bothered me as well. At some point, we will probably change that, but based on our research, it will require direct modification of the core code, which will get overwritten everytime we update versions of Drupal or the template. We might do it after we make some other much needed changes.

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Advanced Forums

We installed the Advanced Forum module for Drupal, and used the naked theme for the main forums pages so it adopts much of the theme's formatting.

We didn't use the Advanced Forum themes for the forum thread pages, and kept the one that came with the Drupal theme we are using.

Eventually, we will probably create our own theme for the forum posts, unless we find something cool out there.

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