Best online marketplaces to sell products?

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What are the best online marketplaces to sell products? Amazon, eBay, others? Or should we have our own website?

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Amazon & eBay + Website

Amazon and eBay both seem to be very popular. I used to use eBay a long time ago, before I dived into website building projects.

Your own website is the best option, in my opinion, but you have to figure out how to get traffic to it and convert that traffic. This is why many professional sellers have their own website and sell on marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

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Using eBay and Amazon as a

Using eBay and Amazon as a beginner to online marketing is definitely a good idea. However, they shave off money from your sales and you will always remain only an affiliate to them. Once you get the hang off online marketing, you should definitely move on to your own website and sell directly to your clients.

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There are also a couple of

There are also a couple of niche marketplaces like Etsy, but you can only sell certain goods on those sites. It might be good option though, if you build your business up around those certain products.

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I agree that Amazon and eBay

I agree that Amazon and eBay are the best. I sell things on there sometimes, and you can make good money from it. The best things that go fast are electronics. Though they do take a good chunk of money from you when you're selling.

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I was thinking like cell

I was thinking like cell phones and cases. Things like that. I had a couple phones that I sold because my family and I all got new ones, they sold like hot cakes

But, there are people you can buy from on there in bulk. Like I was thinking about buying cases and stuff like that and reselling them. You can even buy cheap plastic ones and then you get a machine where you can put any kind of design on the case, and I'm sure that that would sell pretty good too.

It depends what you are

It depends what you are selling and in what volume.

Some ecommerce platforms (ie-your own website) can work out quite a high expense once you pay for payment processing etc.

Another point is that to have your own ecommerce website takes alot of effort on the site of SEO and marketing to drive traffic. Ebay and Amazon, obviously the traffic is already there.