Are the dropshipping companies worth it?

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I see a lot of companies out there that say they will dropship their products directly to my customers. Is this safe? How do I know what companies to pick?

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I haven't had a lot of experience with dropshipping companies directly, but the research I have done suggests that it depends on the company. There are many great companies out there that allow you to buy wholesale, and they will even shop it to your customer without their branding on it, and your from address.

Just looking at eBay alone, there are a lot fo successful sellers out there, many of whom use dropshippers as suppliers.

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Dropshipping is always risky

Dropshipping is always risky and you could always end up with a company that either scams you or shaves off huge amounts of your profits. Definitely use only really trustworthy and popular ones, that other people have had good experiences with.

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Depends on company

There are both good ones and bad ones. I have experience with a few asian ones (many of them are from there obviously) and their business culture also differs from ours in the western world. Quality and consistensy is not the main focus, problems like broken items, wrong sizes/colors etc is very common and shipping can be slow and tricky. Look around for a well-known dropshipper (probably an established website unless you pay for access to supplier networks) and do research on others experiences with them. It is a lot of administration and problem solving, but on the other hand you don't have to invest money in stocking products.

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You can use amazon as your dropshipper, I don't think you are allowed to use your own affiliate links in that way though, but I know that if you used Aliexpress (asia) as dropshipper you are allowed to also use your own affiliate link and recieve both the affiliate commission and the profit margin you add on your site/listings.