Affiliate Marketing

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Do you use affiliate marketing to make money online? Do you have any good companies to recommend, apart from the obvious ones, like Amazon?

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I have never done it before,

I have never done it before, but I have heard a lot of good things about them. The only one that I do know of though is Amazon. I heard that one was pretty good too.

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Those with an Audience

I get the impression that the most successful people at affiliate marketing are those who already have a following, and their followers will trust their recommendations. The type of people that if they send an offer out to their mailing list, they always get a certain percentage that respond.

Scott M. Stolz
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I agree with you. I think

I agree with you. I think that some of the people who are making the most money right now are the ones who are using affiliate marketing. I think it's just another good way to make some money

Learn All You Can

You can make a lot of money with affiliate marketing if you invest the time. It doesn't take long to get a following if you work the social media circuit diligently every day. I suggest that you start reading as much as you can about it online. I have been doing it for quite some time and I am still learning new things every week. Amazon is a great place for newbies to get their feet wet and learn how affiliate marketing works, but until you really know how to use the system you won't make a lot. ClickBank is also a great place for people new to affiliate marketing to get started. It is easy to get accepted into and you can get started the very same day.

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There are many!

The reason we all know Amazon but not others, is the fact that Amazon was the first multi-category ecommerce site to really make it big internationally. An American competitor is Ebay which has a partner program. The Asian version of Amazon is AliExpress, they also offer an affiliate program.

The best way to find others than Amazon is to search for your niche in the big affiliate networks like PeerFly, MaxBounty, ShareASale, ClickBank etc. Targeted affiliate offers for your visitors will ALWAYS convert the best.

I can personally recommend PeerFly since I have used them for a few sites.

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Affiliate Marketing- is a

Affiliate Marketing- is a marketing tool with which one can conduct business online. This type of marketing is growing rapidly, and today is an incredibly popular way to obtain earnings by working at home. With this tool, you can sell / buy / advertise any kind of goods and services via the Internet and receive its share of the profits. In other words, affiliate marketing is a link between the seller and the buyer. You probably wondering why we need Affiliates? As of today, everyone has the right to establish their own business, working day and night to promote his company's name, etc. Nowadays, eCommerce websites are developing on customized CMS which has a built-in capability to create multiple stores with a common database (Multi-store) just like affiliate website developers [Link Removed by Admin] This approach allows you to add items to all stores at the same time without performing repetitive actions. Also, any changes the goods will be displayed in all stores (or, on the contrary, the price can be set individually for each store). For advertisers, is a good opportunity to automate the marketing campaign. Advertiser gets access to your target audience, the work which lies on the webmasters. Typically, affiliate programs offer a wealth of tools for analysis and tracking advertising campaign. An advertiser can test various design options, various types of traffic and how to attract the target audience.