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WP-Footnotes is an plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily add footnotes to the bottom of an page or post in WordPress.

Their Description

Easily add footnotes to any post using a simple mark-up which degrades (kind of) gracefully in the event that for some horrifying reason this plugin no longer works.

Briefly How it Works

To add a footnote, you simply add the desired footnote to the body of the page or post and surround it with double parenthesis. ((Everything between the parenthesis will be turned into a footnote.))  The plugin automatically parses your page or post, removed the parts within the double parenthesis, adds them back at the end of the article as footnotes, and then adds numbers and links to easily go between the them.

Features / What It Does Well

  • Turns markup within the post into a footnote at the bottom of the same post.
  • The tag <!--startnumber=5--> can be added to a page to force numbering to start at something other than 1 (in this example, making it start at 5).
  • You can choose whether to combine identical notes in the settings.
  • You can reuse the same footnote somewhere else in the same post by using the same exact texy or using something like ((ref:1)) to reuse reference #1.
  • Change the identifier before the footnote, which allows you to use numbers, letters, roman numerals or symbols to identify each footnote.
  • Allows you to surround the footnote area with HTML of your choice, which allows you to use divs and classes to customize the appearance.  It also allows you to set the CSS as well.
  • You can pick which pages footnotes would appear on (e.g. home page, search results, feeds, etc.).
  • Set the priority of the plugin, which controls the order in which the WP-Footnotes plugin executes in relation to other plugins. 

What It Does Not Do Well

  • Unless you know CSS, customizing the appearance of the footnotes (color, font, size, etc.) may be difficult or painful.

Live Examples

Here are some examples of the plugin on live websites.

These articles have footnotes.


This plugin is well written and does exactly what I need to do with it.  It also allows you to easily customize the appearance of the footnotes (assuming you are comfortable with modifying some CSS), and is easy to add to a post.

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