Change Log Newsletter #1

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Volume I, Issue 1

Welcome to the first edition of the Change Log Newsletter!

Web hosting technology is constantly changing, and that means this website constantly needs to be updated, just to keep up-to-date.  Since it can be difficult to know what has changed on a website of this magnitude, we will be providing periodic newsletters that include a log of what has changed on the website.

This is the first newsletter, which will include all the changes since we relaunched the website about two weeks ago.

If you want to know more about why we are publishing a regular change log newsletter, please read our article on:

Since this is a relaunch, we will be treating all the content as new content for this newsletter, although a large chunk of it existed on the previous version of the website.

New Website Features

When relaunching the website, we added a number of features to the website, including:

New Guide Pages

We created a number of "guide" pages that serve as launching points to various content.  These pages typically include links to articles and videos related to a specific topic.

New Articles

These are new articles that have been written or published since we relaunched the website.

Web Hosting Concepts





New Provider Profiles

We started a list of web hosts and service providers.  Here are some of the ones we added so far:

Video Only / Placeholders for Articles

To get the website filled out as much as possible, as quickly as possible, we created a number of video only pages using videos on YouTube.  We intend on adding articles to all of these pages.

Shared Videos

Videos from YouTube that web believe you would benefit from.  These videos may not may not have an accompanying article.  We don't own these videos, and are used according to the YouTube Standard License and other licenses.

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