Change Log Newsletter #6

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Volume II, Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth edition of the Complete Hosting Guide Change Log Newsletter!

In our 6th edition of the newsletter we cover the obsessive amount of design changes we made this week.

Crazy Week of Changes

Last week we updated the theme. This week, we added a whole lot of features, plus added some content as well. Here are some of the things we did this week.

Redesigned Web Hosts & Registrars Section

Okay, this section of the website has been bothering us for some time. Well, this week, we took a sledge hammer to it and completely redesigned it. We created a variety of lists, so that you can view exactly what you want. You want shared hosting? Great! You want web design? Awesome.

Then we also redesigned the provider profile pages as well. The pages now have a three column format, so more of the content you want to see is near the top. And if you are viewing on a smaller screen, it is responsive and wraps to become two or three columns.

New Promoter Tools

One of the reasons why we redesigned the Web Hosts & Registrars section was so that we could open up submissions to you!

Logged in users can now:

  • Add Web Host or Registrar
  • Add a Web Hosting Offer
  • Add Domain Registration Offer
  • Add Your Affiliate Program
  • Add Other Offers

Simply visit the Web Hosts & Registrars section while logged in, and the links will be in the sidebar.

Status Updates for Content

We made so many changes this week, that we've probably forgot about half of them. We do have a project management system, but its not really well suited for being a change log. Plus we're the only ones who can see it. Plus, to streamline things, we wanted to build more features for managing content directly into the website.

So we decided to create status updates for content, as well as a development log.

We mostly added these features for ourselves, but we figured that the power users (or simply curious) among you would be interested in what changes we were making to the website and content.

If you want to see the change log for each individual page, you can enable "Statuses" by editing your user profile.

New Bookmarks Feature

You can now save your favorite articles in your very own bookmarks section. You can view your bookmarks via a tab on your user profile, as well as view bookmarks of other users.

Use the bookmarks feature to create a quick reference to articles you frequently use, or to share your recommended list of articles with others.

New Code Snippets Section

As we were updating the website, we wanted to make some customizations that required changing CSS. We found some great solutions online, and then adapted them to our situation. Since this isn't the only website we work on, we decided that we should make a note of what we came up with and share it with others.

We don't have much there yet, but as we keep finding cool ways to do things, we will share them here.

Updated Sharing Icons

In the past, we tried a couple sharing modules, and didn't really like how they looked. So we decided to replace the social sharing icons with AddThis. We would have preferred a native solution, rather than one dependent on a third-party, but so far this seemed to be our best option.

We must say, AddThis does look great, and seems to work well with our website.

Email Newsletter

You can now receive email updates from the Complete Hosting Guide by subscribing.

We currently send out a weekly email with links to our newest content. It only gets mailed if we have new articles or blog posts. We also may occasionally send out announcements or offers you may be interested in.

You can subscribe two different ways:

You can always unsubscribe at any time by updating your user profile, or clicking on the unsubscribe link in your email.

Updated User Profile

We updated the user profile page, and made some changes to the edit user profile page.

You are now able to customize more of the website to your tastes, by enabling and disabling certain features, like navigation tips, promoter tools, theme switcher, status updates for content, and certain menus.

We also added the ability for you to optionally add your real name to your profile, and are able to subscribe or unsubscribe to our email newsletter from your profile.

Better Ways to Watch the Forums

We wanted to make it easier to see what's new in the forums. So we created a couple new views specifically for the forums.

Various Formatting Changes

We also made a variety of formatting changes throughout the website, such as adding icons to external links, or adding a tag icon next tags. We haven't updated them all, but made a nice dent.

New & Updated Content

To see what else has been added and updated, please visit:

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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