Change Log Newsletter #5

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Volume II, Issue 5

Welcome to the fifth edition of the Complete Hosting Guide Change Log Newsletter!

In our 5th edition of the newsletter we cover our new responsive theme and videos, Plesk and more.

New Responsive Theme

We spent an obsessively long time this weekend on installing and customizing a new responsive theme. As mentioned in our blog post, we decided to switch to a responsive theme to make the website easier to view on mobile devices and tablets. Plus, we felt it was time to change to a more modern theme.

The old theme is still available to logged in visitors via a drop down box in the sidebar. The old theme is slightly more compact theme, which some may prefer.

We are not totally satisfied with everything in the new theme, so expect some more tweaks as we go. If you see any issues, let us know in the forums.

New Responsive Videos

We found a little code trick that makes YouTube videos responsive. And then we updated our videos to be responsive. So now they automatically resize based on the the size of the viewing window of your browser! :)

This has always been something that bothered us, and we are glad we found a solution for it. If you want to update your website to do the same thing, we shared what we found here:

New Syntax Highlighting of Code

We also added code syntax highlighting to the website as well, so that example code snippets are colorized and look pretty. :) It make the code easier to read, plus makes the website looks great too. You can view it in action in this article.

We'll be adding a new article on how to do that on your website soon.

An Inkling of a Plesk Section

As we mentioned in the last newsletter, we decided to add a Plesk section to the website. We don't have much content yet, but we've already added a couple articles.

We are already compiling a list of articles we want to create. If you would like to suggest a specific article, please let us know in the Request an Article section of forums.

Miscellaneous Articles

As we were updating the website, we inevitably came across things we did not know. After all, we don't know everything. Or we knew something existed, but did not have a handy set of links to get there.

So we decided that if we have a question, other people probably do too.

So we added some articles that don't necessarily fit neatly into our hierarchy of articles, but are useful none-the-less. Eventually when we have enough of them, we will be able to group them together better. :)

Some examples of Miscellaneous articles include:

Once we have enough articles of a similar vein, we will group them together in another section of the website. The URL won't necessarily change, but the location in the hierarchy would.

Exciting New Times

These are exciting new times for the support guide. I hope you enjoy the changes.

New & Updated Content

To see what else has been added and updated, please visit:

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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