Change Log Newsletter #4

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Volume II, Issue 4

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Complete Hosting Guide Change Log Newsletter!

In our 4th edition of the newsletter we cover some internal changes at Complete Hosting Guide and what they mean, as well as cPanel updates, Plesk and navigation changes.

New Fresh Start & Introducing WisTex

As some of you have noticed, except for the recent flurry of activity, the site has not been updated in awhile. That is all going to change thanks to some behind the scenes changes.

The Complete Hosting Guide is now a part of the WisTex family of websites, and with WisTex's leadership, we are going to fulfill the vision of the Complete Hosting Guide, which is to be the go to source for website creation and server support documentation.

We look forward to our partnership with WisTex.

About WisTex

WisTex started in 1995 as an IT consulting company which provided computer training, web design and web hosting. Today, WisTex has evolved and WisTex's publishing division focuses on creating and publishing websites, courses, books and other content designed to help people embrace life's opportunities.™

Theme Changes at cPanel Mean Updated Docs

As mentioned in our blog post cPanel is Saying Goodbye to x3, cPanel has decided to phase out the x3 theme, and replace it with themes similar to Paper Lantern. Even their Retro theme, which looks similar to x3, will behave like Paper Lantern and the new themes do.

As you can guess, this means updated documentation all around. We've started with several sections of the website, including:

Some of the changes include rewritten directions, new screenshots, and new videos in some cases.

Updated Navigation

We've also been busy updating the sidebar navigation for several sections, to make it easier to browse the section.

Some of the sections updated include:

As we expand and update more sections, we will be adding additional navigation.


Until now, we have mostly concentrated on WHM / cPanel. We've always wanted to add Plesk, but it's been on the back burner for awhile. Thanks to WisTex, we now have access to a Windows server with Plesk. Expect a new Plesk section, with new articles soon!

New & Updated Content

To see what else has been added and updated, please visit:

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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