Change Log Newsletter #3

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Volume I, Issue 3

Welcome to the third edition of the Complete Hosting Guide Change Log Newsletter!

In our 3rd edition of the newsletter we cover the new format for the newsletter, our new video initiative, our redesigned website, where we will be posting notes about article changes, as well as some featured article updates.

New Format for Newsletter

We decided to change things up a bit for the newsletter.  Since we are making so many changes to the site, it would be cumbersome, not to mention boring, to sift through a list of everything that has changed.  Besides, the website automatically marks articles as being updated, and lists them on the Recently Updated Content page.

So instead, we will just give you the highlights and important stuff.

Venturing into Videos

We decided to venture into the realm of videos, and have even produced our first three videos.  We are not totally satisfied with them, but we think they are professional enough to post.  We're still testing out the ideal software to use, so hopefully soon we will settle on the best options.

You can find our first three videos here:

  1. Change cPanel Password
  2. Contact Information & Email Notifications in cPanel
  3. Change cPanel Language

The new videos are embedded in the related articles, and posted on our YouTube channel.

Redesigned Website

We've been playing around with the design of the website, trying different colors, fonts and styles.  I think we have settled on something acceptable in the short term, although we eventually would like to make some major changes.  But right now we want to start focusing on the content, so some of the additional changes we want will have to wait.  It's time to get back to creating great content.

Major Changes Now Posted in Comments

When we make an update to an article that involves a major change, we will start posting what changed in the comments section of the article.  It provides a convenient place to mention any updates, and also lets people know that we actually update our content. :)

Major changes include:

  • New content
  • Changed or updated content
  • Corrections
  • Clarifications
  • Major Reorganization of a Section

We won't bother posting about minor changes like:

  • Minor changes to the content that does not change the meaning 
    (for example, if we rewrite a sentence to make it clearer).
  • Reformatting and Rearranging the Article
    (for example, moving things around or turning a paragraph into bullets).
  • Additional References or External Links.
  • Minor Navigation Changes
  • Fixing or changing internal links.
  • Fixing typos

Unless someone mentioned a minor issue; in that case, we will probably mention we fixed it.

Featured Article Updates

We previously focused on getting a lot of content up at once for the initial launch.  Now we are getting to spend some more time updating some of the articles to the standards we want to see for our articles.  Here are some of the articles we updated.

The Annoying Spammer

We have an annoying spammer using automated tools to post spam on our website.  While we are able to block most of it, sometimes some of it gets through.  So we apologize, and will do our best to clean the spam that gets through.

New & Updated Content

To see what else has been added and updated, please visit:

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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