Creating & Managing Email Addresses in cPanel

cPanel provides several tools for creating, managing and deleting email addresses.

Your Choices

Before creating a new email address, you will want to decide if you want an email account or an email forwarder.  You can actually have both setup for the same email address, in which case mail will be deposited into the local email account and a copy forwarded to another email address elsewhere.  

Continue reading for more information about each type.

Email Forwarders

Email ForwardersIf you have an existing email address elsewhere you wish to use, you can have your incoming email forwarded to that existing email address.  If no local email address is setup, nothing is stored locally on the server, but instead forwarded to where ever you check your email now.

To setup and manage an email forwarder, please read:

Email Accounts

Email AccountsEmail accounts accept incoming emails and store them on the server until you retrieve or delete them.  You can access your email via desktop clients like Microsoft Outlook, via mobile phones like iPhone & Android, and/or access your email online using a webmail client.

The following article will help you setup and manage your email accounts:

Additional Email Settings

If needed, there are some additional settings you can configure.  In most cases, these are not required for setting up an email address.

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