cPanel/WHM Admin Essentials (cPanel TV)

What Every cPanel Administrator Should Know

This presentation is divided into four (4) topics presented in three (3) videos and covers some of the most common questions to cPanel tech support.

What is WHM & Debugging DNS

In the first segment, Lee Latham, cPanel Technical Trainer, contrasts the WHM interface against the cPanel interface and explains how to debug most DNS issues on cPanel/WHM servers.

Debugging Customer PHP Issues

In the second video, Lee Latham leads a segment on debugging customer PHP issues using the command-line tools available in cPanel/WHM environments.

Debugging Server Load Issues

In the final segment of the cPanel/WHM Admin Essentials webinar, cPanel's Technical Trainer Lee Latham explores server load, what causes server load and corrective actions to take when your server load is excessive.

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